March 2019

Sales & Technical support

Gesterkt door bijna 30 jaar ervaring in het vak en ondersteund door enkele specialistische fabrikanten van technische slangen...

Items for concrete pumps

The range regarding this segment is probably the widest.

Plastics processing industry

We supply for transporti of plastic pellets different hoses types i.e. PVC hoses with and without PU inner liner or highly abrasion resistant polyurethane hoses with strengths of 0.45 up to 3.5 mm.

Food processing industry

Our range includes buckets, brushes, brooms and water cleaners of the brand Salmon.

Mortar, Gypsum and PF Technique

These are hoses, couplings and related items for the transport of water, air, gas and oxygen, steam, hot water, chemicals, food, oil and abrasive material.

Cutting hoses, LMB, agricultural sector

Under this heading you find these products which are not standard in the range but produced, specialy for the customer or market desire.

MRO sector

The acronym MRO is used to refer to the maintenance, repair, and operations used by a company to create an end product.